Why You Should Not Be Afraid Of Replacing Your Legacy ITSM?

  • By Aelum Consulting
  • April 11, 2022

You’re not alone if your ITSM systems can’t keep up with the speed of business. Legacy systems affect businesses worldwide, causing poor user experiences, a lack of agility and automation, and an unsustainable cost of ownership.

  • Do you have numerous ITSM products running in parallel?
  • Do changes to user interfaces, data structures, and workflows necessitate specialist expertise, causing the business to suffer?
  • Does having many help desks and service desks result in unsustainable overhead?
  • Does adding new features necessitate a separate server with its own infrastructure and administration costs?

Many IT firms are still contending with out-of-date IT Service Management (ITSM) Implementation software. These legacy systems are so stiff and difficult to adjust that they require armies of programmers and administrators to keep up with business demands. Rather than being an effective unified solution, they are frequently an unmanageable collection of poorly integrated items. Because the user experience is so embarrassingly bad, business users forsake them. And the expenses are exorbitant—upgrades are excruciating, on-premises maintenance is expensive, and there’s an endless stream of costly modifications and integrations.

ITSM technologies that are cloud-based are designed for IT and business agility. Simple adjustments don’t necessitate writing reams of code. New services, processes, and user interfaces can be easily deployed using graphical setup tools.

Risks of Legacy Systems

Companies that cling to their legacy ITSM systems struggle to meet the challenges of the digital age. Major risks will include:-

Increased IT costs

The majority of legacy systems are on-premises, and they require complex changes and integrations, all of which add to the expensive expense of keeping the lights on.

Increased complexity

Legacy ITSM systems are frequently built on diverse technologies, making centralized visibility and reporting difficult.

A lack of flexibility

Closed frameworks are typically set up in an authoritative manner, inhibiting corporate innovation and rarely aligning with how you do business.


Transition to Modern ITSM Solution

You are already familiar with the tools and procedures in place. You won’t have to create these from the beginning with a new ITSM system. They just need to be re-implemented on a standardized platform. It is simple to adopt modern ITSM Implementation platforms. Without writing a single line of code, graphical interface tools allow you to create processes and design forms.

You will save time and money with a cloud-based solution. You won’t have to worry about hardware or software, and you’ll have immediate access to a secure platform.

The Benefits of ITSM Modernization

It’s impossible to benefit from modernization if you’re still using legacy ITSM Implementation tools. You have the best chance of achieving these benefits with a well-planned migration to an integrated, cloud-based ITSM platform:


Streamlined service delivery

Consolidating several service desks onto a single, integrated service management platform reduces costs and complexity while enabling standard service management processes throughout your whole IT business.

Accelerate your services

Automated service management processes that are configured consistently and enable process flows, approvals, and notifications help you deliver services with speed, consistency, and correctness.

Achieve consumer-like experiences

Provide a superior user experience that is as simple to use as their consumer apps while also being integrated with your backend service delivery.


You have the potential to alter the way you deliver IT services with a contemporary, cloud-based ITSM platform. You will engage your end-users more effectively, automate business processes more swiftly than ever before, and drastically decrease your costs by replacing your outdated ITSM Implementation suite. Above all, you’ll be able to take on new challenges and generate higher company value by securing your expertise in an innovative platform.

It’s not difficult to switch to a modern ServiceNow ITSM platform. These platforms are specifically intended to make installation simple, and they provide the ability to adapt to your individual demands fast and effortlessly. By utilizing built-in ITIL processes, improving current workflows, and adhering to industry best practices.

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