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Automate and simplify IT service management processes, enable teams to focus on delivering value to the business, boost IT productivity, and streamline workflows with ServiceNow ITSM implementation.

ServiceNow ITSM
ServiceNow ITSM

ServiceNow ITSM Implementation

Most IT teams struggle with siloed IT tools that lead to information silos, creating disparate data, processes, and excessive firefighting. This issue consumes valuable resources and ultimately results in subpar employee experiences. Aelum consulting can help you:

  • Leverage ServiceNow’s natural language virtual agents and service operations workspace to unburden your IT staff and boost productivity by over 30%.
  • Utilize the ServiceNow ITSM and the Now Platform to streamline your technology workflows and eliminate wasted resources.
  • Use ServiceNow ITSM modules to deliver top-notch employee experiences.

Value-Driven ServiceNow ITSM Implementation

  • Reduce Workload

    We help you leverage ITSM's AI-powered self-service capabilities to reduce the workload by automating routine tasks and enabling users to solve issues independently.

  • Improve Agent Productivity

    We optimize agent productivity by automating routine tasks, prioritizing critical issues, and providing a centralized platform for managing incidents and requests.

  • Correct Incident Routing

    Implementing ServiceNow's ML algorithms to automatically assign incidents to the appropriate resolution group, minimizing the likelihood of incidents being incorrectly routed.

  • Reduce Service Request

    Streamlining service management processes, automating repetitive tasks, and providing a self-service portal for users, leading to a reduction in annual service request volume.

IT Consulting

ITSM Implementation Approach

Help Prepare Cultural Change

We focus on your cultural change, change management and control, and stakeholder support. Our approach involves evaluating your existing culture, monitoring user response, and following ITSM best practices to facilitate digital transformation.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that IT Service Management is an ongoing process. We work with you to ensure that your IT workflow is continuously improving. This involves lowering MTTR, increasing FCR, reducing P1 incidents, and lowering operational costs.

Next-Gen Automation

We leverage the power of predictive analytics to identify major work clusters and deploy Virtual Agent conversations that are most relevant to improve self-service. It also identifies the most valuable automation use cases.

Data Management

We understand the critical role that CSDM plays in ensuring the success of your ServiceNow implementation. That’s why we take great care to set up your CSDM correctly and ensure that your data is of the highest quality, enabling you to leverage the full power of ServiceNow.

Endless Capabilities with ITSM Modules

Frequently Asked Questions

ServiceNow ITSM (IT Service Management) is a suite of cloud-based tools designed to help organizations manage their IT services and infrastructure. It includes a range of modules, including incident management, change management, problem management, request management, knowledge management, and more.

With ServiceNow ITSM, organizations can streamline and automate their IT service management processes, reduce operational costs, improve service quality, and enhance customer satisfaction.

The platform provides a centralized system for managing IT services, which improves visibility and control over IT operations. It is configurable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different organizations, making it a flexible solution for managing IT services.

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and ITSM (IT Service Management) are related but distinct concepts.

ITIL is a framework for IT service and asset management that was developed (in the 1980s) and managed by the UK Government’s Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA). ITIL provides a comprehensive set of guidelines for managing IT services, covering topics such as service strategy, design, transition, operation, and continual improvement. ITIL is widely adopted in many organizations as a de facto standard for IT service management.

On the other hand, ITSM refers to the process of managing IT services in an efficient and effective manner. It includes a range of activities, including incident management, problem management, change management, configuration management, and more. It involves the use of tools (like ServiceNow) and processes to deliver IT services to customers and to ensure that those services meet customer needs and expectations.

In summary, ITIL is a framework of best practices for IT service management, while ITSM refers to the broader process of managing IT services. ITIL provides a set of guidance for ITSM, but organizations may choose to implement ITSM using other frameworks or methodologies as well.

The implementation of ServiceNow ITSM can help improve IT service management processes and increase efficiency in several ways.

First, ServiceNow ITSM provides a centralized platform for managing IT services, which improves visibility and control over IT operations. This can help streamline and automate IT service management processes, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.

Second, ServiceNow ITSM includes a range of modules for managing different types of IT services, including incident management, change management, problem management, and more. By using these modules, organizations can standardize and optimize their IT service management processes, increasing efficiency and improving service quality.

By using these features, organizations can improve communication and collaboration between IT teams and other departments, further increasing efficiency and improving service quality.

The costs associated with ServiceNow ITSM implementation and ongoing support can vary widely depending on the size and complexity of the organization and its IT service management processes. Some of the factors impacting the cost of ServiceNow ITSM implementation and support include:

  • The number of users and licenses required (among ITSM standard, ITSM Pro, ITSM Enterprise)
  • The scope of the implementation, including which modules and features, are being implemented
  • The level of customization required to meet the organization’s specific needs
  • The required level of support, such as whether the organization needs 24/7 support or only during business hours
  • The level of ongoing maintenance and upgrades required

In terms of licensing costs, ServiceNow typically charges a one-time fee for its tools and services, which can range from tens of thousands to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the plan you pick among ITSM standard, ITSM Pro, and ITSM Enterprise.

In addition to the licensing fee, organizations will need to spend on implementation, ongoing licensing, and support fees, which can also vary widely depending on the number of users and modules being used.

ServiceNow ITSM provides a number of integration capabilities that can help organizations integrate the platform with other IT systems and tools. Some of the integration options available with ServiceNow ITSM include the following:

  • API integrations: ServiceNow provides a comprehensive set of REST and SOAP APIs that can be used to integrate the platform with other systems and tools. This includes integrating with monitoring and reporting tools to automatically generate and manage incidents based on alerts generated by those tools.
  • Event Management: ServiceNow’s Event Management module provides an out-of-the-box integration with third-party monitoring tools such as Nagios, SolarWinds, and others. This integration enables ServiceNow to automatically create incidents based on alerts generated by those monitoring tools.
  • Connectors: ServiceNow provides pre-built connectors for integrating with popular IT systems and tools, such as Microsoft SCCM, Active Directory, and others. These connectors can automate the creation and management of incidents and other ITSM processes within ServiceNow.
  • ServiceNow Store: ServiceNow’s online marketplace, the ServiceNow Store, provides a range of pre-built integrations and applications that can be used to extend the capabilities of ServiceNow ITSM and integrate with other IT systems and tools.
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