Prompt ServiceNow Instance Upgrades

We offer a streamlined upgrade process that goes beyond providing the latest ServiceNow version. Aelum can help you prepare for the upgrade, offer best practices, share knowledge, and handle the implementation and testing of your instance.

Enjoy Latest ServiceNow Features

Upgrading your ServiceNow system can be a challenging task for any organization. It involves more than a simple installation and often requires external resources to ensure a successful and precise upgrade.

Here, Aelum can help you by offering:

  • A comprehensive set of regression test cases to ensure the stability and functionality of your upgraded ServiceNow instance.
  • Predefined defect tracking templates that help streamline the identification, tracking, and resolution of any issues encountered during the upgrade process.
  • End-to-end support in development and testing, assisting with customization, configuration, and thorough testing to ensure a smooth upgrade experience.
  • Transparency and visibility at every step of the upgrade project to ensure you have clear insights into the progress and status of the upgrade.

ServiceNow Upgrades with Aelum?

Constant Communication

We help you create upgrade awareness and ensure that users understand how the changes will impact them, directly or indirectly. We proactively inform users about any expected downtime or disruptions to their day-to-day operations. Also, we believe in providing clear timelines on when your teams can expect to resume business as usual.

Train Users

During the upgrade, we identify any training needs that may arise due to the changes that are introduced in the latest release. We understand that the users may require quick and thorough training on the upgraded system to ensure a seamless transition and enable them to resume their normal productivity levels.

Dev Instance

By cloning your production instance and performing the upgrade on the clone, we simulate the upgrade without disrupting your live environment. Additionally, we make use of the in-built ServiceNow features to allow you to monitor the upgrade progress and address any conflicts between the upgrade and your customizations efficiently.


We understand that users may have different workflows and objectives when using the same tool. Instead of relying on assumptions, we use UAT to allow users to validate the system to ensure comprehensive coverage. We make sure to involve a representative sample of users who can dedicate a few hours to test the new system.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Aelum, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Proven track record with a post-upgrade incident/defect rate below 1% in the past two years
  • Expertise from a specialized team with a minimum of four years of experience and 20+ successful upgrades
  • Cost-effective solution with an average of 40% savings compared to the competition
  • An efficient process that is 50% faster than internal efforts, with an average completion time of four weeks
  • A non-disruptive approach that allows your team to focus on mission-critical tasks

Two feature releases a year.

ServiceNow is committed to consistently enhancing its platform for optimal performance and improved functionality. Starting from the Kingston release in Q1 2019, ServiceNow follows a schedule of two feature releases per year in different quarters.

Additionally, between these feature releases, ServiceNow offers patch releases containing all known issue fixes up to that point, which are automatically deployed to customer instances. This ensures that customers benefit from a steady stream of updates and problem resolutions throughout the year.

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