ServiceNow Support and Enhancements

Aelum provides comprehensive ServiceNow support that maximizes the ServiceNow platform value, sustains efficiency, and drives digital transformation. We also enhance your solution’s stability and ensure its high performance.

Activate ServiceNow 2.0

After implementing a comprehensive ServiceNow solution, leveraging CDW’s ServiceNow Managed Services is crucial to maximize your investment and streamline operations. By reducing system administration costs and expanding your team, you can concentrate on developing ServiceNow innovations that have a significant business impact.

Aelum Consulting empowers you to optimize your ServiceNow platform to:

  • Handle ServiceNow administration requests and meet customer demands effectively. 
  • Designing and customizing Self-Service pages to enhance user navigation and familiarity and more.

Why Aelum for Support and Enhancement?

Smart Administration

Are you maximizing the potential of your ServiceNow platform? Our support and enhancement services can help you optimize your internal resources and concentrate on maximizing the impact of ServiceNow on your business. We focus on program management for processes and platform governance, implementation of platform enhancements, oversight of maintenance and customer service, and other related tasks.

Team Availability

Our onshore professionals are always ready to lend a hand to your business. Whether it’s implementing enhancements, configuring instances, providing knowledge and guidance, conducting development and testing, or managing upgrades, we have you covered. With our on-demand staffing model, you can trust us for the support you need to tackle ServiceNow tasks effectively and efficiently.

Health Check

To support the increasing number of applications integrated into your ServiceNow platform, it is crucial to prioritize growth and scalability while maintaining performance. Implementing best-practice configurations guarantees smooth upgrades, enhanced usability, optimal performance, and simplified maintenance. To help you here, provide a personalized remediation plan tailored to optimize your platform.

Application Lifecycle

With our support and enhancement service, we assist you in establishing and advancing your ServiceNow application lifecycle, creating a solid foundation for accelerating value, promoting growth, and achieving cost reductions. Aelum allows you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a healthy and seamlessly functioning ServiceNow environment, allowing you to concentrate on strategic initiatives that drive true return on investment (ROI).

Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout our collaboration, we aim to alleviate the burden of micromanaging your support vendor while maintaining transparency and control over the work being done. Our service delivery process follows these steps:

  1. Collaboration and Scope Definition: Working closely with your representatives, we determine the specific scope of services required for your needs.
  2. ServiceNow Health Check and Knowledge Transfer: We conduct a thorough assessment of your ServiceNow environment and facilitate knowledge transfer from your employees or previous support vendor.
  3. SLA Design and Agreement: If necessary for your support project, we collaborate with your representatives to design and sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  4. Transparent Responsibility Transfer: We assume full accountability for the health of your ServiceNow solution through a transparent responsibility transfer process.
  5. Daily Support Operations: We commence daily support operations, ensuring the smooth functioning of your ServiceNow environment. Upon agreement, we can provide regular weekly and/or monthly reports showcasing the support results achieved.
  6. Proactive Evolution and On-Demand Requests: Alongside daily support operations, we consistently drive proactive evolution of your ServiceNow solution and promptly address any occasional on-demand ServiceNow evolution requests you may have.

Simplifying your ServiceNow platform operation is our priority. We offer a suite of services to cater to diverse needs:

  • Program Governance
  • Testing Management
  • Enhancement Design & Development
  • Patching & Upgrade Support
  • Break/Fix Support with P1 Coverage
  • Production Deployment Support
  • Platform Performance Monitoring
  • Knowledge Transfer, Enablement
  • Data Maintenance
  • Continual Improvement
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