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We help you implement ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) modules to align your IT endeavors with your business objectives.

ServiceNow SPM
ServiceNow SPM

Ensure Value Delivery with ServiceNow

ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) allows for the assessment of top-level investments and adaptation to changing business priorities. It supports functionalities to

  • Anticipate critical business requirements, allocate resources, and evaluate the value of the business portfolio, allowing businesses to prioritize new requests effectively and deliver products efficiently.
  • Aelum Consulting can implement ServiceNow SPM to enable you to manage both strategic and operational work within a single platform which minimizes bottlenecks and accelerates your time to market.
  • By aligning all work, we help you optimize business outcomes and enable rapid response to changes, resulting in enhanced value delivery rather than just increased output.

Realize SPM Benefits

  • Strategic Planning and Decision-Making

    Visualizing plans and objectives to help decision-makers easily understand the status, progress, and alignment of projects with business objectives. This helps in making informed decisions that align with the organization's strategic goals.

  • Strategic Objective-Investment Alignment

    By providing a clear view of the business portfolio via SPM, we enable organizations to prioritize investments based on their impact on business goals; and ensure that resources are allocated to the initiatives that are most critical to the organization's success.

  • Improved Risk Management

    We utilize SPM to provide organizations with a holistic view of the risks associated with their portfolio of projects and programs. This enables them to identify potential risks and take corrective action to mitigate them.

  • Improved Collaboration and Communication

    We enable stakeholders to access real-time information, share updates, and collaborate on tasks. As a result, everyone involved in the project is aligned with the organization's strategic goals and working towards the same objectives.

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Our SPM Implementation Methodology

Your Business In Focus

We recognize the significance and benefits that organizations can gain from implementing ServiceNow SPM. We understand how ServiceNow can cater to the distinct requirements of all stakeholders involved at every organizational level, thereby facilitating efficient and effective implementation of SPM.

Business Insights at the Center

Effective implementation of ServiceNow SPM requires informed investment decisions and proper visibility. Our approach, which is driven by data, takes into account the requirements of all stakeholders involved, thereby reducing the administrative workload for everyone involved.

Embracing Automation

Automation can significantly assist internal teams working on complex projects by eliminating the need for time-consuming manual tasks. Therefore, we help you identify the operations that need to be automated and determine how the desired business process would support them.

Business Agility Enabled

We focus on enabling you to manage both strategic and operational work in a single unified platform, reducing bottlenecks and enabling faster go-to-market strategies. This allows you to manage resources effectively and respond quickly to changes in priorities, resulting in increased agility.

Strategize with SPM Components

Frequently Asked Questions

ServiceNow’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) is a module within the ServiceNow platform that enables organizations to manage their strategic portfolios more effectively and efficiently.

SPM provides a central location for managing an organization’s project and portfolio data, including financial, resource, and performance information. It helps organizations to align their portfolios with their strategic objectives, identify and prioritize the most important initiatives, allocate resources efficiently, and monitor and measure performance against targets.

As a result, organizations can make data-driven decisions by providing real-time insights into the performance of their portfolios, enabling them to adjust their plans and strategies as needed.

Some of the key features of SPM include portfolio analysis, scenario planning, financial management, resource management, project management, and performance analytics. It also integrates with other ServiceNow modules, such as IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Business Management (ITBM), and Enterprise Project Management (EPM), to provide a comprehensive solution for managing an organization’s strategic portfolios

ServiceNow SPM is designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems and applications in your organization to help you manage your service portfolio more effectively. Here are some ways in which ServiceNow SPM can integrate with other systems and applications:

  • ServiceNow SPM can integrate with ERP systems such as SAP or Oracle to help you manage your financial data and resources more effectively.
  • It can integrate with CRM systems such as Salesforce to help you manage your customer data and interactions more effectively.
  • It can integrate with project management tools such as Jira or Microsoft Project to help you manage your projects and resources more effectively.
  • IT can integrate with ITSM systems such as ServiceNow’s own ITSM platform or other ITSM solutions to help you manage your IT services and resources more effectively.

ServiceNow provides pre-built integrations with many popular enterprise applications, and its open APIs and web services make it easy to integrate with other systems and applications as well. By integrating ServiceNow SPM with other systems and applications in your organization, you can gain a more holistic view of your service portfolio and improve your overall service delivery.

Here is how we ensure data security and compliance during the SPM implementation:

  • Secure infrastructure: We ensure that the ServiceNow infrastructure used for your implementation is secure and compliant as per industry standards, such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2.
  • Compliance with regulations: We’re familiar with relevant regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX, and ensure that the implementation is compliant with those regulations. We help you configure ServiceNow SPM to support your compliance efforts, such as enabling data retention policies and providing audit trails.
  • Secure data transfer: In case you need to transfer data from other systems into ServiceNow SPM, we make sure that the transfer is done securely and that the data is protected during transit.
  • User access control: We help you configure user access control policies in ServiceNow SPM to make sure that only authorized users have access to sensitive data.
  • Ongoing security monitoring: We provide ongoing security monitoring and maintenance to ensure that your ServiceNow SPM implementation remains secure and compliant over time.

Working with a ServiceNow-certified company like us for your SPM implementation offers several benefits, including:

  • Expertise: We have demonstrated our expertise in implementing ServiceNow solutions. Our team deeply understands ServiceNow’s products and best implementation practices and can guide you on how to use SPM to meet your organization’s specific needs.
  • Access to resources: We have access to resources and support from ServiceNow, including training, documentation, and technical support. This ensures that your SPM implementation is successful and that any issues or challenges are quickly resolved.
  • Reduced risk: We have a proven track record of successful implementations. This reduces the risk of project delays or failures, which is costly for your organization.
  • Customization: We have the expertise to customize SPM to meet your organization’s specific needs. We can configure the solution to match your business processes, data sources, and reporting requirements.
  • Compliance: ServiceNow-certified companies like ours have experience working with organizations in various industries and can ensure that your SPM implementation is compliant with relevant regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX.
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