ServiceNow Health Check

Regardless of your setup, it is crucial to compare your instances with best practices. This helps reduce the need for customizations and ensures clean code. It also enables you to scale your platform’s development, accommodate growth, and minimize the need for re-work.

Best Practice Analysis of Your ServiceNow Instance

As companies rely on a diverse network of resources to build their platform, including external parties and distributed teams, it becomes crucial to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the instance’s health status.

SealthScan is a valuable tool that assists in identifying and addressing technical debt while providing insightful data-driven recommendations to optimize your instance configuration. The advantages of HealthScan encompass the following:

  • You gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors hindering optimal performance by evaluating instances with numerous best practices.
  • Significantly reduces the time required for version upgrades.
  • Identifies unnecessary customizations, allowing a return to out-of-the-box functionality and reducing complexity.
  • Identify improvement and degradation via visual representations of changes in instance health.

Why Aelum for Health Check?

Instance Health

Aelum prioritizes instance health and performance to facilitate smooth deployments and handle rapid load increases. We leverage ServiceNow’s HealthScan tool to provide insights into instance health and offer guidance in key areas like upgradeability, manageability, user experience, performance, and security.

Tangible Benefits

Implementing HealthScan in DevOps workflow can bring tangible benefits. Aelum has helped companies reduce customizations and improve code quality through early detection and instant feedback. We make upgrades faster and smoother and instance management simpler with reduced information logs.

DevOps Processes

ServiceNow operates in an agile DevOps environment, and HealthScan has the ability to streamline processes. Through various scans, including scorecards, sprint scans, automated code reviews, and update set scans, we ensure quality control, error prevention, and adherence to best practices.

Optimal Code Quality

HealthScan offers a centralized repository of best practices, definitions, and KPIs for optimal code quality. Using this, we access industry-leading standards and align your code accordingly. The repository expands over time, improving code quality and enhancing performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

ServiceNow Health Check is a comprehensive assessment and analysis process conducted on a ServiceNow instance to evaluate its overall health, performance, and adherence to best practices.

It involves a thorough examination of various aspects of the instance’s configuration, customization, and usage to identify potential issues, bottlenecks, or areas for improvement.

The ServiceNow HealthScan, which is used to evaluate the configuration and customization of ServiceNow instances, includes the following aspects:

  • Upgradeability: HealthScan assesses the instance’s readiness for upgrades. It provides insights into potential areas of concern and offers guidance on aligning the instance with upgrade best practices.
  • Manageability: HealthScan evaluates the instance’s manageability, including the organization and structure of configurations, to ensure optimal performance and ease of administration.
  • User Experience: HealthScan examines the instance’s user experience to identify any usability issues or potential areas for improvement, helping to enhance user satisfaction and productivity.
  • Performance: HealthScan assesses the performance of the instance, identifying any bottlenecks, suboptimal configurations, or inefficient processes that may impact system performance. It provides recommendations for optimization.
  • Security: HealthScan evaluates the security configurations and settings of the instance, identifying potential vulnerabilities, access control issues, or misconfigurations. It offers guidance on strengthening security measures.
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