Enable Low code Automation with Out-of-the-box solutions

For the fastest time to value, lowest TCO, and ease of use with zero learning curve for all ServiceNow developers, Integration Hub is the only integration solution that is embedded in the Now Platform and ServiceNow workflows.

ServiceNow Integration Hub

Digital workflow must integrate seamlessly

For work to flow quickly across the enterprise, digital workflows must integrate seamlessly with hundreds of different business software, systems of record, and cloud infrastructure. Existing record systems are frequently segregated, but they must be integrated into the end-to-end workflow solution rather than being ignored. However, due to the proliferation of additional SaaS and on-premise programs, as well as the accelerated speed of digital transformation required to compete in today’s rapidly changing world, integration complexity is only increasing.

Digital workflow must servicenow Integration Hub seamlessly
ServiceNow Integration Hub

With out-of-the-box solutions, enable No Code Automation

To simplify and expedite integrations and process automation, use spokes.
Clicks, not code, can be used to add spokes to flows by anyone — pro-code developers, low-code admins, and no-code analysts. Spokes relieve you of the burden of proprietary integration programming, reducing technological debt, increasing productivity, and accelerating updates.

Packaged integrations let you get to value quicker

Packaged integrations are natively created for ServiceNow’s Now Platform, allowing you to focus on more mission-critical tasks while saving time on integration delivery. You may use ServiceNow Integration Hub to automate common business operations by using predefined application integrations.

ServiceNow Integration Hub
ServiceNow Integration Hub

Virtual Agent makes it simple to link workflow automations

Integrate ServiceNow Integration Hub spokes developed into Virtual Agent Designer to automate typical service requests like Citrix session resets and provide AI-powered self-service.

Create workflows in a familiar environment

ServiceNow developers, IT generalists, and no code builders can use Integration Hub to construct digital workflows that combine data and automation operations with any external system in a single native Now Platform experience.

ServiceNow Integration Hub

Key Applications

Flow Templates

Automate typical integration patterns like as document management, notifications, and more in a matter of minutes. To add flows to your low-code project, pick “Add Automation” in App Engine Studio.

Custom Spokes

With Action Designer, you can build unique integrations for specific use cases and bundle them as spokes for others to use. JavaScript, REST, SOAP, PowerShell, SSH, and other languages are supported by Action Designer. ServiceNow spokes can be copied and extended.

Process Automation Designer

No-code playbooks and our business application development platform make it simple to create and manage many complex operations. Developers will be relieved of their burden. Create an end-to-end procedure by quickly connecting diverse processes, flow components, and actions.

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