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Taking an enterprise-wide approach that equips you with the power to track, manage, and act on risks in real time. Aelum can help you make sure the right people get important information at the right time, set clear GRC goals, and put measures in place to handle uncertain situations and make intelligent business decisions.

ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
ServiceNow GRC Implementation

ServiceNow GRC Implementation

Stakeholders expect a high level of transparency, accountability, and performance, while regulations can be unpredictable and subject to change. Third-party relationships and risks are also increasing, which can be difficult for management to manage. This is why you need to implement ServiceNow GRC. It’ll help you:

  • Connect business, security, and IT with GRC.
  • Anticipate potential risks, prioritize audit schedules, and automate collaborative tasks, leading to decreased audit expenses, enhanced efficiency, and lower overall risk exposure.
  • Automate policy life cycles by simplifying, arranging, and guaranteeing the credibility of compliance tasks.

Value-Driven ServiceNow GRC Implementation

  • Improved Business Resilience

    We collaborate with leaders throughout your organization to coordinate resilience efforts. Aelum helps you employ the ServiceNow GRC platform for continuity, recovery, and risk management to handle disruptions efficiently.

  • Gain GRC Visibility

    We help you implement continuous monitoring and dynamic dashboards that deliver real-time information. It helps you quickly identify and address high-risk areas, business disruptions, noncompliance instances, and vendor status changes.

  • Boosted Productivity

    Implementing automated, cross-functional workflows, artificial intelligence, and simplified user experiences to reduce errors and costs to manage GRC. It allows for greater emphasis on higher-value tasks.

  • Risk Management

    Using ServiceNow GRC's unified platform, we deliver seamless experiences to front-line users. This enables risk and compliance teams to access reliable data and leverage insights to support internal audits.

ServiceNow GRC

Why GRC with Aelum?

Business Rules

We help you define and incorporate business rules into the implementation strategy. These rules include details on controls and their owners, control tests and expected outcomes, testing frequency, risk assessment, critical vendors, and authorized access to the GRC system’s contents.

GRC Roadmap

Aelum helps you develop a GRC plan that includes integrating GRC features between inspection cycles to reduce business disruption. This approach allows for the gradual implementation of technology, leading to higher acceptance rates.

Consolidated Controls

You often have to comply with multiple regulatory authorities and systems, where many of the rules are the same. We help you save costs and be more efficient by utilizing ServiceNow GRC to create a single set of controls that comply with multiple regulatory and practice guidelines frameworks.

Focus on the Important

Controls are meant to protect valuable assets. However, if you fail to identify what’s important or define the scope of control, you will apply controls to everything, even if it’s irrelevant. This leads to unnecessary effort. Aelum aims to mitigate this risk.

Endless Line of ServiceNow GRC

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Strategy: Define governance structures and assign roles and responsibilities.
  • Processes: Establish policies and procedures for decision-making, oversight, and accountability.
  • Technology: Implement tools to support governance processes, such as dashboards, reporting, and workflow automation.
  • People: Ensure that the right people are involved in governance processes and have the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Strategy: Define risk management objectives and establish risk appetite.
  • Processes: Conduct risk assessments, implement controls, and monitor risk mitigation efforts.
  • Technology: Use tools to identify, assess, and prioritize risks and to track risk management activities and results.
  • People: Make sure to involve the right individuals in risk management processes with the required expertise and knowledge.
  • Strategy: Define compliance objectives and establish compliance frameworks.
  • Processes: Conduct compliance assessments, manage compliance requirements, and monitor compliance activities.
  • Technology: Implement tools to manage compliance requirements, track compliance activities, and automate compliance reporting.
  • People: Involve the right people with the required skills and expertise in compliance procedures.

Policy compliance management is a solution offered by ServiceNow that helps organizations to automate their compliance management processes, reduce the cost of compliance, and improve compliance effectiveness.

The solution enables organizations to define, manage, and monitor policies, controls, and regulatory requirements and track compliance with these requirements across the enterprise.

With ServiceNow’s policy compliance management solution, organizations can:

  • Streamline their compliance management processes
  • Automate assessments and reporting
  • Ensure continuous compliance with regulations and policies

The solution also offers analytics and reporting capabilities to provide organizations with real-time visibility into their compliance status and identify areas for improvement.

Some examples of policies that can be managed include IT security policies, data privacy policies, financial compliance policies, and quality management policies.

ServiceNow GRC’s privacy management feature helps organizations manage and comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. The solution enables organizations to manage data subject requests, track and manage data processing activities and automate privacy assessments and monitoring.

With ServiceNow’s privacy management solution, organizations can:

  • Streamline privacy management processes such as data subject requests, data breach notifications, and privacy assessments.
  • Provides a centralized repository to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Helps gain visibility into data processing activities, enabling organizations to identify and manage privacy risks and demonstrate compliance with regulators and data subjects.
  • Helps manage data privacy and protection across the entire data lifecycle, from data collection to deletion, ensuring that sensitive data is secure and that privacy is maintained.

ServiceNow GRC enables continuous authorization and monitoring by providing a centralized platform for managing access controls, monitoring user activities, and automating compliance processes.

With ServiceNow GRC, organizations can:

  • Automate access control processes: The solution provides automated workflows for managing access requests, approvals, and revocations, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Monitor user activities: The solution provides real-time visibility into user activities, enabling organizations to detect and respond to suspicious activities and compliance violations.
  • Automate compliance processes: The solution automates compliance processes such as policy management, control testing, and risk assessments, reducing the time and effort required to maintain compliance.
  • Enable continuous monitoring: The solution provides continuous monitoring capabilities, enabling organizations to identify and respond to compliance risks and threats in real time.
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