ServiceNow CSM Best Practices to Boost Your Customer Experience!

  • By Aelum Consulting
  • November 21, 2022

Nowadays, customer service has become an essential part of marketing. Everyone in the industry wants to show how their products and services are better than others a consumer can find in the market.

That is where the modern Customer Service Management (CSM) solution of ServiceNow can help different organizations better. It will help you mitigate your customer problems and provide an optimal experience, meeting your customer expectations.

Wonder what exactly ServiceNow CSM is and how it can help you boost your customer experience? Here is a comprehensive guide to understanding everything from start to end.

Let’s start this blog with a brief introduction to the ServiceNow CSM solution.

What is ServiceNow CSM?

The ServiceNow CSM is an omnichannel platform that can be advantageous in connecting both customers and organizations. Businesses can solve various types of customer complaints and other types of problems with the help of this system.

You and your customers will be able to choose a preferred channel and connect to the support team, track the status of every complaint, and maintain an enthralled and central conversation.

Who Is ServiceNow CSM for?

There is no barrier for any business or brand, as anyone can use ServiceNow CSM or other solutions. Furthermore, to enhance your customer service, experience, and satisfaction rate, you must rely on ServiceNow CSM for the best services and aftercare.

However, it is essential to follow the best practices in order to achieve 100% success without hassle. So, here is a comprehensive list of ServiceNow strategies that can help you solve your customer queries on time.

9 ServiceNow CSM Best Practices to Modernize Customer Experience in 2023!

Nine ServiceNow CSM best practices that can be helpful in optimizing your customer experience are as follows:

1. Make It Impactful for Everyone

You can develop a single experience for your entire business with the following services:

  • ServiceNow IT Workflows
  • ServiceNow Employee Workflows
  • ServiceNow Customer Workflows
  • ServiceNow Creator Workflows

It helps you control and synchronize the digital workflows of your organization, from IT to HR to Admin to Finance and more. You can not only assist your customer’s problems, but also, various team members and stakeholders will be able to share their ideas, issues, and pain points.

2. Think More with Quantity and Quality Metrics

Quality should always be the foremost priority over quantity. However, your management team may prefer metrics like first response time, issue resolution rate, and more to measure customer service success. So, considering the entire organization’s work and repo, you have to work better on customer-quality representative interactions. You have to ensure a positive persona to customers at your help desk.

3. Define Your Strategic Business Goals

You have to understand your business goals and how you can fulfill them. Furthermore, it is necessary to align all the business objectives with the success measures of your customer service. You have to work towards boosting the success rate of these measures. It will require improving customer experience ratings, reducing backlogs, encouraging self-service usage, and many more.

4. Understand the Implementation Roadmap

It is crucial to understand the priorities as well as work according to them. Hence, you will need ServiceNow CSM. Here you can use the visual task board, workflow, and automation that will be helpful in identifying customer service issues and assigning them directly to field service, engineering, operations, finance, legal, and other departments. Also, everyone connected to a task will be able to track the status until it gets resolved.

5. Give Power to Customers with Self-Service Capabilities

You can increase productivity by providing your customers with maximum convenience with automated self-service. They will be able to easily fetch whatever and whenever they want something. Also, it will ease the agent burden as you can utilize the service catalog and workflow to create automated solutions to the common requests of your clients. So your audience can request and receive the resolutions in real-time without hassle.

6. Don’t Forget the Workflow Automation!

Workflow Automation is the critical component for ServiceNow CSM that sustains better and faster workflows. So, customers can notice that ServiceNow has digital automated system monitoring that helps to detect the issues before they become a bigger problem. This way, sometimes, till the client notices and reaches for help, they find us on our way to resolve the issue, which results in tremendous customer confidence and loyalty.

7. Perform and Improve More with Customer Feedback

The best way to enhance a customer service experience is to understand what they found the easiest, as well as what they found difficult. Hence, feedback is the best option to learn more about your customers and develop your services to make them more leisurely and more effective for your customers.

8. Track Your Marketing & Sales Team with CSM

You can implement ServiceNow ITSM with CSM to support and enhance services intended to relate to your organization’s activities. This way, you can merge the sales, customer, tech, and IT support in one place. Hence, you will be able to track users’ communication with your marketing team via email or social media and then the user’s 1:1 interaction with sales team representatives. After all this, you can track the entire tech and IT support status.

9. Get a ServiceNow Technology Expert

It is essential that you pick the right ServiceNow technology expert who can assist you from start to end. Although all the selected partners have immersive potential, Aelum Consulting is somehow different. We are the best and most reliable ServiceNow partner in India, offering scalable and customizable capabilities and features that can change your service experience entirely and make it more satisfactory for your customers.


So, keep in mind the above shared best practices in order to achieve a better result with ServiceNow CSM and enhance your customer experience. They are innovating and brainstorming several more features and capabilities to improve the user experience, just like the Tokyo Release. Hence, you can reach us, Aelum Consulting, anytime to get more & more innovative technology and solutions.

Hope, you will find this blog beneficial to know various ServiceNow CSM best practices that can make your business more smoothly and your customer experience exceptional.

If you have anything more you may like to share, feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section below.


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