How ServiceNow Walk-Up Experience Transforms Your Service Desk

  • By Aelum Consulting
  • August 4, 2023

Organizations are facing declining satisfaction with the current walk-up IT support process, lacking a formal structure to meet rising user expectations. To address this, they turn to ServiceNow Walk-Up Experience, a digital solution bringing a physical service desk concept online.

ServiceNow Walk-Up Experience allows direct, face-to-face interactions with skilled agents, streamlining appointment scheduling, incident and request creation, and offering real-time troubleshooting guidance. Users benefit from personalized support, better communication, and quicker issue resolution, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


As user expectations continue to rise, satisfaction with IT services is declining, particularly regarding the current walk-up support process, which lacks a formal structure.

Hence, organizations actively seek a solution to swiftly implement a delightful walk-up service experience. As a result, there is a growing demand for faster and more consumer-oriented service experiences.

What Challenges Do Service Desks Face?

However, organizations that aim to introduce a walk-up service today face the challenge of customizing their instance and making educated assumptions about effectively managing demand and fulfillment within the walk-up context.

  • Long wait times: Walk-Up Experience can help to reduce wait times by providing a dedicated space for users to submit requests and issues in person. This can help to free up the phone lines and email queues for other users.
  • Unsatisfied customers: Walk-Up Experience can help to improve customer satisfaction by providing a more personalized and interactive experience. Users can interact with agents in person and get their issues resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • Inefficient processes: Walk-Up Experience can help to improve the efficiency of service desk processes by providing a centralized location for users to submit requests and issues. This can help to reduce the need for multiple channels of communication and can make it easier for agents to track and resolve issues.
  • Poor communication: Walk-Up Experience can help to improve communication between users and agents by providing a more direct and interactive channel. Users can ask questions and get clarification in real-time, which can help to ensure that their issues are resolved correctly.
  • Lack of visibility: Walk-Up Experience can help to improve visibility into service desk operations by providing a centralized view of all walk-up requests and issues. This can help managers to track the performance of the service desk and to identify areas where improvements can be made.

This is where ServiceNow Walk-Up Experience comes in.

What is ServiceNow Walk-Up Experience?

The Walk-Up Experience is an innovative approach to customer support and service management that brings the concept of a physical service desk to the digital realm.

Traditionally, users would have to submit service requests through a web portal or by sending emails, sometimes resulting in delays and miscommunication. The Walk-Up Experience eliminates these issues by providing users with direct, face-to-face interaction with service desk personnel.

The ServiceNow Walk-up Experience application enables the creation and management of an on-site IT walk-up venue. This venue allows experienced and skilled agents to fulfill and resolve requests and issues, whether in person or remotely. 

You have the flexibility to configure Walk-up Experience to cater to all users in your organization with inclusive brandings, such as Tech Lounge, Genius Bar, or simply Service Center.

ServiceNow Walk-up Experience

Features of Walk-Up Experience

The ServiceNow Walk-Up Experience comes along with the following features:

Appointment Scheduling

With this feature, users can schedule or reschedule appointments, receive reminders, and even cancel appointments online or through the mobile app. It provides a convenient way for users to manage their appointments efficiently.

Automated Incident and Request Creation

ServiceNow eliminates the need for agents to manually re-enter information when converting walk-up appointments into incident or request records. The system automates the creation process, saving time and reducing errors.

ServiceNow Walk-up Experience

Calendar Integration

ServiceNow Walk-up Experience seamlessly integrates with third-party calendaring tools, allowing users to track their scheduled service through calendar events. This integration ensures that appointments are easily visible and accessible within existing calendar systems.

Incident Deflection

By offering contextual knowledge-base help, ServiceNow enables users to resolve their issues on their own before entering the queue. It provides users with relevant information and resources to encourage self-resolution, thereby reducing the volume of incidents.

Integrated Dashboards

IT service managers can access integrated dashboards that provide insights into wait times and customer satisfaction (CSAT) data. These dashboards help managers make informed decisions about staffing and optimize business operations.

Incident-Related Scheduling

Employees can schedule appointments directly from within the Incident Management module. This feature allows IT staff to have instant access to all the relevant context they need, streamlining the process and ensuring a seamless experience for both employees and technicians.

Inventory Data and Stockroom Integration

Technicians can access real-time visibility into asset information, enabling them to provide up-to-date information and streamline service delivery. This integration ensures that technicians have accurate and current information about available resources.

Mobile-Friendly Experiences

The Walk-up Experience application offers user-friendly mobile experiences, allowing individuals to easily find, book, and access walk-up services from their mobile devices. This feature enhances convenience and accessibility for users on the go.

ServiceNow Walk-up Experience

Position and Service Alerts

Customers can view their position in the queue, estimated service time, and any outage information. This feature provides transparency and keeps customers informed about their expected wait times and service status.

Push and Email Notifications

To minimize wait times, ServiceNow enables the system to send alerts to customers just before their turn in the queue. Notifying customers in advance helps improve efficiency and provides a smoother service experience.

Satisfaction Survey

The built-in satisfaction survey allows organizations to monitor customer experiences. It typically consists of a single question to collect post-service feedback, helping organizations gauge customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

Self-Service Portal

This portal provides a centralized location for users to view their active appointments and navigate to online check-in and booking links. It offers a convenient and user-friendly interface for managing walk-up services.

Walk-Up Fulfillment

This feature facilitates technicians in finding answers and processing walk-up appointments seamlessly. It integrates with the Agent Workspace, enabling technicians to access necessary information and tools efficiently.

These ServiceNow features collectively deliver a seamless and efficient walk-up experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and optimizing service delivery at physical service locations.

ServiceNow Walk-up Experience


The Walk-Up Experience revolutionizes the service management process, allowing users to access immediate assistance from service desk personnel. By facilitating real-time communication, personalized support, and quick issue resolution, the Walk-Up Experience maximizes efficiency for organizations. 

It enhances user experience, improves communication and collaboration, and ensures faster problem resolution.

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