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  • By Aelum Consulting
  • June 22, 2022

Employee Experience is important

The employee experience is where it all begins. Business benefits from content employees. Employee contentment and business success are directly related. According to research, contented workers are 20% more productive than unhappy ones. This might be the case since contented workers are often more productive and put in longer hours than dissatisfied ones, and they also take 10 times fewer sick days.

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Shaping the Employee Experience

Workspace services made a crucial influence on how employees feel about their work Each connection is important. A worker’s general happiness or unhappiness, productivity or frustration, is influenced by every facet of their daily lives. ServiceNow discovered that while 83% of employees are passionate about their jobs and employers when they first start, only 63% maintain that enthusiasm, representing a 22% decline in satisfaction. A lot of times, it’s the little things that add up; nearly half of workers say they struggle to get through ordinary situations.

These encounters with the workplace services and systems they require in order to perform their jobs frequently include frustrating interactions. The majority of employees are clueless about what to do when anything goes wrong; many are unsure of who to call about a spill in the cafeteria, how to adjust the temperature in their office, or where to go when the printer breaks down. Reaching out to many people or using multiple systems may be necessary to find the solution or answer they want, which detracts from employee satisfaction and productivity for the company.

What’s needed to do the workplace services well?

The delivery of workplace services can be reimagined by enterprises by walking the halls in the employees’ shoes and prioritizing their requirements. The objective is to improve how workers engage with their workplace, both at work and at home, to make it quicker and simpler for them to complete their work. In order to achieve this, workplace services must be:


The goal of employees is to complete tasks, not to become mired in minutiae. They only need to know where to go and that everything will function when they arrive, not how much work HR, IT, and Workplace Services must put in to set up a new workplace. The right individuals and departments from HR, IT, Workplace Services, Procurement, and Legal must be connected through processes that can dissolve organizational silos in order to rapidly resolve a problem or finish a task.

Cross-departmental processes guarantee that activities are done, either sequentially or concurrently, and that employees have a smooth experience. The objective is to eliminate obstacles and conceal all back-end complexity so that employees understand they are working together as one.

Easy to use

It may go without saying that workplace services should be easy to use, but this is not easier to accomplish. Employees want a consumer-style experience at work, which will enable them to perform their responsibilities just as quickly as they would at home. In order to ensure that employees can access the resources and services they need, when they need them, it is necessary to integrate consumer-like service capabilities, such as a mobile app, self-service portal, and virtual agent. To help employees complete their tasks and move on, answers to their concerns and assistance with their problems should be accessible.

Real and interactive

Because the workplace is a dynamic environment, workplace services should enable employees to focus their search and accurately reflect what is open and available at any given time. It can be frustrating to reserve a desk only to find someone else using it, or to learn that the colleague you need to meet with relocated to a different building and now the desk you rented is miles away from them. These little annoyances arise frequently when workplace services fail to take into account particular requirements or alter circumstances. Making ensuring workplace services are engaging and current is crucial for this reason.

We already have ServiceNow portals for IT, Workplace Services, and HR. We can give employees access to everything they need in one place by combining these. An employee shouldn’t have to stop and consider where they need to go. They ought to be able to simply ask their question.

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