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How ServiceNow Predictive intelligence can help you to increase productivity and automation?

  • By Aelum Consulting
  • February 21, 2022

The Business Challenge

Agents in service-oriented departments like IT, HR, and customer service spend a significant amount of their time on low-value tasks including categorizing or prioritizing requests, searching for comparable issues, cases and locating the appropriate team to undertake the work. Consequently, these manual steps involve human error, lengthening the time it takes to resolve issues and diminishing customer satisfaction.

The ServiceNow Solution

Now intelligence products have the capability to provide you the greater insights in real-time.  You can work smarter and make better business decisions with the Now intelligence. It allows you to analyze, make predictions, streamline and automate all your repetitive tasks to strategize your work in a certain manner.  Using Now intelligence you can help your customers to get faster responses using virtual agents. In this blog, we will be discussing major now intelligence products and ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence in detail.

Automation Discovery 

ServiceNow has a new way to discover automation in your ServiceNow system. Use the new Automation Discovery feature to find the best automation tools and processes for your organization.  ServiceNow has a new way to discover automation in your ServiceNow system. Use the new Automation Discovery feature to find the best automation tools and processes for your organization.  However, you can also increase your organization’s operational efficiency with the Automation applications in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence

Features of Automation Discovery

Incident Analysis
Incident Analysis

You can Utilize artificial intelligence to go through previous instances. However, identify up to 180 pre-defined automation opportunities.

The automation discovery report page provides you with a list of created reports. You can click on the report and you can see the information about the automation opportunities.

Deflection Potential

Determine how many incidents could have been avoided, if automation applications had been used.

Deflection Potential

Deflections are incidents that could have been resolved quickly with automation. The Possible Deflections number is calculated by adding all the records that match an automation opportunity. Some chances contain pre-built Virtual Agent themes that are tagged as Virtual Agent Ready.

Estimation Of Time Savings

Estimation Of Time Savings

For instance, The average length of time taken to resolve an event is referred to as the meantime to resolve, or MTTR. The report calculates the Estimated Time Savings for the top 10 opportunities by multiplying the number of matched records by the MTTR. A dashboard widget is used to see how much time can be saved by automating tasks.

Deeper Insights

Deeper Insights

Determine which departments or teams would benefit the most from automation implementation. You can get the report of all the most important departments that can provide you the higher efficiency after automation.

Performance analytics

Performance analytics enables firms to define, track, and assess progress against goals, resulting in business change. It helps people focus on the things that really matter by connecting them with better facts in less time.

Features of performance analytics

Real-Time Visibility

Real-Time Visibility

With fast insights into current patterns and trends, you can make smarter decisions and answer questions. In addition, You may give the power of data to the stakeholders and subject matter experts, who are in charge of delivering successful services. We can get real-time insights.

Dashboards with KPI’s


With purpose-built metrics and dashboards, organizations can unlock value, measure, and boost performance.

KPI Signals

In Agent Workspace, you can get automatic notifications regarding anomalies that could affect service delivery. As a result, You will be getting the whole dashboard with an analysis of incidents and other information.



Use business requirements to prioritize tasks or records and also to allow organizations to focus on, what they should prioritize.

Predictive Analytics

Now intelligence products have the capability to provide you the greater insights in real-time. Allow your workers to focus on more important tasks by incorporating machine learning into your workflows. Natural language processing allows you to quickly solve problems with more clever ideas. Above all, it Automates the routing and assignment of work. You can easily deliver your requests to the appropriate team.

Features Of ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence  

Classification and routing

ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence

Through Machine learning, there will be the classification of tasks and cases at a scale that can also reduce manual labor. Based on past data, prediction of the future output and categorizing incident into different categories.

Incident detection

Machine learning has the capability to detect patterns. In addition, it can rapidly identify the most significant incidents.

ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence
Smart recommendations

Using the data patterns to help agents to detect and resolve issues faster. And on the same time, It also helps in mapping the issues with the right agents.

ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence


Finally, ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence equips you with Now intelligence tools, allowing you to help customers and workers receive answers and insights fast using machine learning and always-on virtual agents. To put it another way, make it possible for customers and employees to get what they need when they need it. Above all, it provides improved self-service.

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Author: Rati Kumari Jha
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