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  • By Aelum Consulting
  • June 25, 2024

The link between happy employees and happy customers is symbiotic. But what’s new is the experiences as easy and seamless as those enjoyed by the customers they serve. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 3.4 million employees are quitting their jobs voluntarily till March 2024. At the same time, some employees are working for more hours, go through stress, and feel less productive than ever. As a result, customer satisfaction is dropping to an all-time low.  

I believe much of this is because of recent shifts in digital ways of work, i.e., remote and hybrid work models. While all this has been going on for a few years, HR leaders are overwhelmed. Organizations are constantly buying HR technology to enhance their employee experience (EX), launching learning programs, improving performance cycles layering it with perks and benefits. Yet, even after buying expensive HRSD platforms most of them are struggling to either understand the systems, have a single record system, or replace their legacy software.  

So, what’s the deal? Well, the evolving world of technology and generative AI is taking over. People prefer to have a single easy-to-use interface to avoid complexity and have end-to-end solutions making their work life easier and productive. And that’s where ServiceNow HRSD (Human Resource Service Delivery) joined the party. ServiceNow HRSD came up with an HR system design that is easy to use, measure, and manages EX effectively.  

Before we jump to the benefits and business capabilities of ServiceNow HRSD and how it increases EX and productivity. I will take you through the brief overview of ServiceNow HRSD.

ServiceNow HRSD: A Brief Overview

ServiceNow HRSD (Human Resource Service Delivery) is the integrated ally of applications designed to deliver unified EX while minimizing back-end and cross-departmental complexity. With its features like generative AI and powered assistance ServiceNow HRSD drives operational efficiency and productivity making employee self-service faster. Designed especially for HR department it is easy to set up, navigate and maintain.

Features of ServiceNow HRSD to enhance Employee Experience and increase productivity

Here are some of the features of ServiceNow HRSD that has fill the gaps of other HR technologies and HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems).

Feature Of ServiceNow HRSD1. Employee Center & Employee Center Pro

ServiceNow’s Employee Center Pro acts as a self-service portal providing employees assistance across various departments for common needs. It’s AI-driven, approach integrates easily with HCM’s, finance applications and communication tools streamlining EX even for deskless workers.

2. Employee Journey Management

ServiceNow’s Employee Journey Management includes enterprise-wide capabilities to provide seamless, and personalized EX. Tasks like relocation, learning & development, appraisals, support tickets etc. are being resolved easily. It creates automatic workflows to keep data at one point across the enterprise. It connects databases and siloed systems with a low-code or no-code approach. Also, for faster time-to-value personalized messages also known as nudges are sent to leaders to complete overdue tasks, approve or reject requests.

3. Predictive Intelligence

Machine learning capabilities of ServiceNow predictive intelligence effectively integrates with workflows increasing business efficiency, optimizing requests, and reducing costs. It improves service and reduces manual disruption with its accurate categorization, prioritization and routing.

4. Virtual Agent

Sometimes all an employee wants is assistance from someone right away instead of navigating through the maze of portals. ServiceNow Virtual Agent features bring an experience through automating resolutions to common issues in seconds. With automation, pre-built conversations, integrations and configuration tools the issues are directly routed to chatbot increasing business value and efficiency while delivering personalized experiences.

5. Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization feature allows you to build high-performing service teams by optimizing schedules, work items, escalations and KPIs with real-time visibility into incoming work items, and providing the skills they need to succeed all at one place. ServiceNow workplace optimization break down cross-team silos by tracking shift coverage, swaps and time off requests.

6. Now Assist for HRSD

Now Assist is the augmented HRSD to increase productivity and drive better business outcomes harnessing the power of generative AI. It allows HRs to resolve cases faster and easier with its catalog ordering enabled within Virtual Agent Chat. The AI supported functionalities like AI assisted search, results in better employee self-service.

7. HR Case Management

To operate collaboratively HRs, want a tool or software that organizes, manages and resolves employee relations cases. All this is done by a single dashboard that is HR case management software or HR and employee relations investigation software. It helps you in creating automated workflows, analytical workflows, employee self-service options all from a single user dashboard.

These were just a few to mention ServiceNow HRSD has more features to help business increase productivity. Issue auto resolution, case and knowledge management, HR agent workspace, Now Mobile, universal request, performance analytics, process mining, employee relations, alumni service center, employee document management are some of the more features added in ServiceNow HRSD product.

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Challenges HR Leaders Face and How ServiceNow HRSD Capabilities Help Overcome Them

The ongoing problems like siloed teams, inadequate HR tech, and bad EX is making employee less productive. Leaders from around the world are futureproofing their organizations. Here we have picked some of the major challenges and ServiceNow business capabilities to overcome them.

1. Legacy Solutions

Often HR leaders are morphed with siloed systems hindering your ability to effectively manage HR processes. Maybe you are dealing with it too. The disparate legacy systems are unable to integrate leading to inconsistencies in processes and fragmented databases. The lack of integration increases manual paperwork and hinders collaboration between HR and other departments.

ServiceNow Solution:

ServiceNow HRSD integrates seamlessly with other enterprise systems, ensuring data flows smoothly across the organization. Some of the preconfigured integrations from third-party systems are as follows:

  • For background check of employees your systems can integrate with the First Advantage service, Accurate Background service, and Sterling Talent Solutions service.  
  • DocuSign and Adobe Sign can be integrated for e-signature.
  • Tax form management system can integrate with the CIC Plus service.

2. Manual and Time-Consuming HR Tasks

Many HR tasks are manual and time-consuming, such as processing employee requests, onboarding, and managing benefits. These tasks can be prone to errors and delays, impacting overall efficiency. When these requests are handled manually, they require significant time and effort from HR staff to track, manage, and respond to each request. Without a centralized system, tracking and resolving issues becomes cumbersome, leading to delays and employee dissatisfaction.

ServiceNow Solution

ServiceNow HRSD centralizes all HR data on a single platform, ensuring that information is consistent and easily accessible. Some of the attributes of Employee Center portal are as follows:

  • Scalable and support multiple departments.
  • Customized portal pages are easily available for unique branding and theme.
  • Built-in features to easily access widgets and pages.
  • Streamlined workflows and automation reduce manual efforts.

3. Lack of Visibility and Reporting Capabilities

Most of the HRSDs lack robust reporting capabilities, making it difficult for HRs to gain insights into HR metrics and performance. This lack of visibility can hinder decision-making and strategic planning.

ServiceNow Solution

HRSD provides reporting and analytics tools to generate insights. These tools allow you to create interactive bar charts in reports from datasets. Not just this, the advance reporting is made using tags feature.

4. Delivering Employees Meaningful Experiences

Creating a positive employee experience is crucial for engagement and retention. However, fragmented HR processes and systems can negatively impact the employee experience.

ServiceNow Solution

  • ServiceNow HRSD has an interface that improves the employee experience, making it easier for employees to find information/request, tickets etc.
  • Employee interactions are managed more efficiently. ServiceNow HRSD manages all the interactions between entities like HR employee relations, HR payroll, HRIT workforce administration, HRIT operations, HR lifecycle events, HR talent management, and HR total rewards that also enable the organization to support all types of queries and requests.

5. Ensuring Employees Reel Supported in Virtual Workplaces

In virtual workplaces, employees may feel disconnected and unsupported, leading to decreased morale and productivity.

ServiceNow Solution

  • For the meeting invite and scheduling capability, install ServiceNow Microsoft Outlook spoke.
  • Employees and HRs stay informed about request submissions, updates, and completions through push-notifications, enhancing their ability to track, plan, and collaborate on issues seamlessly.
  • Managers and approvers receive comprehensive summaries and detailed reports for approval requests to efficiently resolve cases.

Benefits of ServiceNow HRSD

As we are moving forward from separate solutions to integrated end-to-end solutions for HR, so must we move from legacy systems to advance AI-powered solutions and give our employees consumer-like experiences at work.

Benefits of ServiceNow HRSD1. Improves Business Processes and Operational Efficiency

ServiceNow HRSD streamlines HR processes by automating repetitive tasks, reducing manual intervention, and minimizing errors. This leads to significant time savings and allows HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives that drive business growth.

2. Keeps Employees Streamlined and Engaged

With features like the Employee Center Pro and Employee Journey Management, ServiceNow HRSD ensures that employees have access to the resources they need, when they need them. Personalized workflows and AI-driven assistance help keep employees engaged and satisfied with their work environment.

3. Automated Processes

Automation is a core strength of ServiceNow HRSD. From onboarding to benefits management, the platform automates complex HR tasks, ensuring consistency and accuracy while freeing up HR staff to focus on more value-added activities.

4. Store Data Safely

Security and data integrity are paramount in HR operations. ServiceNow HRSD provides robust data security features, ensuring that sensitive employee information is stored securely and is accessible only to authorized personnel.

5. Role Based Applications

Whether you are a CHRO, VP of HR, Director of HR operations or Head of employee experience. ServiceNow HRSD offers role-based access, allowing HR leaders to customize the user experience based on job roles. This ensures that employees and managers have access to the tools and information relevant to their roles, enhancing productivity and satisfaction. It helps you to deliver end-to-end HR services economically at a scale.

6. Easily Combines with Other Productive Applications

ServiceNow HRSD integrates seamlessly with other enterprise applications, such as HCM systems, finance applications, and communication tools. This integration capability helps create a unified HR ecosystem that supports cross-departmental collaboration and improves overall business efficiency.

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The way Forward for Seamless EX with ServiceNow and Aelum Consulting

Focusing on employee happiness is particularly crucial as the market is shifting more towards hybrid work, innovative technology, and intelligent workflow capabilities, making employee experience more imperative than ever. Businesses that maintain an employee-centric culture see higher levels of customer satisfaction, which only proves the fact that “happy employees do indeed make happy customers.”

With ServiceNow HRSD, business leaders and HR teams can leverage powerful tools to streamline HR processes, improve efficiency, and enhance employee satisfaction. As we are a ServiceNow Premier partner, can help you navigate this transformation seamlessly. Our team of experts specializes in implementing and optimizing ServiceNow HRSD to ensure your organization reaps the full benefits of this powerful platform. We provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs, offering comprehensive support from strategy development to execution.

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