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7-9th May, 2024
The Venetian, Las Vegas

ServiceNow Premier Partner


Connect with Aelum Consulting, premier partner of ServiceNow, at Knowledge 2024 to embark on your digital transformation journey. Explore how AI can be leveraged across every facet of your business, driving innovation and efficiency. Our experts will be available to discuss how you can harness AI to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation and achieve your business objectives.

Your Enterprise Evolution at Knowledge 2024, with an AI-first approach

Embark on a journey of unparalleled insights, innovation, and networking at Knowledge 2024. With Aelum Consulting leading the charge, immerse yourself in the boundless possibilities of digital transformation with ServiceNow.

INSPIRE: Witness the transformative power of purpose-driven innovation in ServiceNow customers’ workplaces and global impact.

LEARN: Dive into the AI revolution through Solution and Industry Keynotes, 12+ Expo theaters, and 100+ hands-on demos and workshops.

CONNECT: Spark collaboration and share groundbreaking ideas with industry leaders and peers, fueling innovation and progress.

Discover how you can collaborate with Aelum Consulting to accelerate your enterprise’s growth and overcome business challenges seamlessly.

What Makes Us Ideal

ServiceNow Premier Partner

Reflecting our deep expertise and commitment to excellence in ServiceNow solutions.

Exceeding Expectations

With a CSAT score of 4.86, we don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them, leaving a trail of delighted customers in our wake.

Certified Excellence

Our team boasts over 150 certifications, proving that when it comes to ServiceNow, we’re not just knowledgeable – we’re certified geniuses!

Global Presence

With offices in four locations, including two overseas, we have a global reach to serve our diverse clientele.

Talented Team

With 142 passionate employees, each armed with a toolkit of expertise and enthusiasm, there’s no challenge too big for the Aelum family.

ISO-Certified Excellence

We adhere to the highest standards of quality and professionalism, as evidenced by our ISO certification.

Meet Our ServiceNow Experts at Knowledge 2024

Komal Gupta
CEO & Founder
Bala Krishna Mukka
ServiceNow Tech Architect

Let’s Meet at ServiceNow Knowledge 2024!

Let’s Meet at ServiceNow Knowledge 2024!