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Explore Quebec With Aelum

  • By Aelum consulting
  • January 25, 2021

Natural Language filter in Reports

Natural word input search to create filter

Natural Language filter

  • Natural word input search.
  • Recommendations appear similar to contextual search.
  • Results show with filter applied.
  • Easier and reliable than Keyword based search.

Select Store App to Customize

  • Create customization for an application for installed application.
  • Helps you to create configurations which are accessible specifically from studio such as NLU Modal.

Service Catalog Builder

  • Create catalog item through a template.
  • Simplified view for catalog items.
  • Create catalog templates.
  • User criteria is part of template creation
  • Additional configurations such as Add to cart,Type of request are available as part of template set up.
  • Define a template and submitter can simply modify required changes and create a catalog item.
  • You can even make required questions mandatory or visible through specific selection
  • Overall Catalog creation is simpler,easier and faster with template guide.
  • Another step towards catalog no code pro program from ServiceNow.

Service Catalog Builder: Template

  • Ability to add Catalog and categories.
  • Variables sets are now available as questions.Just need to select them from list collector. 
  • More questions sets ( variable sets) can be added by using insert

Now experience

  • Provides capability to create your experiences similar to workspace.
  • Dashboard builder for creating dashboards.
  • UI builder for experience design.
  • Data management through REST, GraphQL,Composite Data breakers.
  • UX action and events.
  • Provide themes to experiences.
  • Limit audience in experience.


  • Create your own experiences with required suffix similar to portal.
  • Available from UI builder.

UI builder

  • Create your own experiences with required suffix similar to portal.
  • Available from UI builder.
  • Ability to create pages.
  • Place required components
  • Add icons, dropdowns, input selection, open a modal pop-up in total everything that is available on now-components.
  • Style your components with custom css available in right panel.
  • Customize your portal with a simple +add for components

Dashboard builder

  • Create layouts
  • Add component
  • Add lists
  • Customize css
  • Configure image for background.

Flow Designer

  • Get latest response text from email
  • Record Producer: Submit record producer as part of flow

Script Tracer

  • For client side debugging.
  • Triggers and shows list of UI transactions such as saving a form, loading UI actions, show details of transaction.
  • For UI actions, Business rules we could find executed script